Welcome To The Honeybug Cake Company Website

We make high quality cakes and confections for birthdays, parties, events, functions or just as a treat to yourself.

Here at Honeybugs we pride ourselves on the appearance of our cakes, but even more important is the taste.

All of our cakes and pastries are made by ourselves, the good old-fashioned way. That is what makes them so delicious. We cater for all occasions, from weddings, parties and corporate events, to that special treat just for you. We offer a wide selection of cakes, pastries, cupcakes, gateaux and confections, all home-made from quality ingredients.

Please visit our Facebook page for more information, and to see more shots of our latest cakes.

It is no secret that there are plenty of other cake-makers out there, so why buy your cakes from us? Let us put it simply.

High-quality ingredients
Brand-name flour, free-range eggs, fresh milk, bought fresh and used fresh
Made and delivered fresh
Not sitting on a shelf for days before you enjoy it
Unique and appealing designs
As we hand-make everything from fresh ingredients, our decorated cakes can be made to your specifications and design
No mass production
Mass-produced cakes, even those of good quality, always taste mass-produced
Gluten-free options

When you buy a cake from us, you say goodbye to freeze-dried eggs and powdered milk and ingredients loaded with additives- and say hello to a quality and a difference you can taste.

Remember- quality ingredients, made with skill and dedication, to delicious recipes and unique designs.

Why not visit our stall at Great Homer Street Market in Liverpool, every Saturday 8am to 3pm.